Comic-Con in Review & More Glowing Reviews

Now that we are back from San Diego, and have had a full week to catch up on sleep, we’ve had some time to reflect on our very successful Comic-Con exhibition. Death Grip received a very warm and enthusiastic welcome, and numerous fans (both new and old) walked away with their very own copy of the movie to take home.


Our sales were so good in fact, that we actually sold enough to pay back the costs of our booth, and come out of Comic-Con in the black for the first time in years!

And what’s more, we did so well that the glowing reviews have started to roll in again. And here’s what some of them are saying now:

Fugu Talk saw our preview at Comic-Con 2012:

There was one Donny Yuen film, some awful stuff that ranged from fun to unwatchable, and a really impressive indie effort from The Stunt People that reminded me of the old Jackie Chan films, both in terms of action and physical humor. I liked the clips so much that I searched out their booth on the exhibit floor (turns out they were adjacent to Troma) to buy the DVD, which has a lot of interesting and inspiring special feature bits on the history of The Stunt People and the development of Death Grip (the star/writer spent six years on the script!)

Kelly Miller of Martial Arts Movie Junkie says:

The fights are fast and intense. I absolutely loved some of the longer takes and little stunts that were sprinkled in. What make the fights truly shine, though, are the situations that are created. Each fight has its own personality and feel, and it’s apparent that a lot of thought went into these. One of my favorite fights is one that takes the term “toilet humor” to a whole new level. If you like fights, you won’t be disappointed.

UMUSTBEBORED also raves about DEATH GRIP: A must watch for kung-fu movie lovers!

The fights are phenomenal.  Eric Jacobus not only stars but also directs DEATH GRIP.  He and his Stunt People crew understand how to perfectly shoot and execute a fighting scene.  These guys have it down to a science.  There are no wires or fast edits mixed with excessive shaky cam.  We see everything in sometimes long continuous takes.  The fights are fast and they leave a lasting impact.  You can tell what is happening.  … They are way better than the fights you would see in a Bourne film or any other big budgeted mainstream film.

Sound good? Buy the DVD or Blu-Ray (both are all-region!) today. Domestic orders ship almost daily, and international orders (we ship everywhere) ship twice a week.

All funds go straight back to us to pay for making the film. This way, we can get started on our next projects that are currently underway.

Thank you for enjoying Death Grip!

Death Grip Makes Headlines

Extra! Extra!

Since releasing our official trailer, Death Grip has been popping up all over the press, make waves and spreading online praise to action film fans and critics worldwide!

Here are some highlights:


You can clearly see that a lot of time was put into the action, and it doesn’t look like they wasted a minute of it. All of the fights in the trailer look fast and frantic. I’m excited to see how far the Stunt People go to entertain us, and I’m sure the end result will be awesome!

 says the new trailer has

close-action martial-arts kicking and punching, mostly by a single man against a bunch of guys in hooded robes. And what fighting it is!

 agrees that

Judging from the trailer, Jacobus and company have improved their skills tenfold, and the fights look nothing short of spectacular..

calling the trailer

impossibly fierce, action-packed… Just don’t be surprised if you walk away with bruises all over your ocular cavities.

 says of Eric Jacobus

the talented fighter directs, edits, writes and stars in what looks to be an insane action flick.

and of the trailer

it’s a whopper, dispensing with the plot details almost instantly and heading straight into the action.The trailer is quite literally almost two minutes of fighting and it looks awesome!

 sums it up by saying

We’ve long admired Jacobus and his teams work, featuring them in Impact various times over the years and it’s great to see the progression they’ve made with each and every project.

All great news, and all reasons you need to watch our official trailer and let us know what you think too!

Then get ready for the full feature film coming very very soon. We’ll make sure it delivers on all this hype!